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With Presidents George W. Bush
(2005) and John F. Kennedy (1962)
and Vice-President Hubert
Humphrey (c. 1964)
Arnold (l. standing) with the FLN in
Algeria (1957)
Riding his  Vespa on Labor Day in
New York, 1961.
Arnold Beichman passed away on Feb 17, 2010. He was 96. His  vigor,
love of life and dedication to the cause of freedom around the world will be
missed by all his friends and family
. A family service was held on August
Eulogy at Arnold's Service
The Happy Cold Warrior: The First 90 Years by David Brooks
Arnold with his first word processor,
probably while working as City Editor       
at PM
Invoking a higher authority in a debate
with long time friend  Milton Friedman
Arnold  with  family in Paris on his 80th birthday
From 46 Eldridge St on the Lower East
Side to his home in British Columbia,
A compendium of articles at Political Mavens
Retrospective interview with Columbia College Today
Arnold spent almost 25 years as a visiting fellow
at the
Hoover Institution at Stanford.
Remembrance by Chris Caldwell in the Weekly Standard
Remembrance by John Podhoretz in Commentary
Washington Times Obituary
The Beichman Library
Closes (American Spectator)
New York Times Obituary
In his column in the Washington Times (9/1/1991) Arnold celebrated the fall of the Soviet
Union, calling for a new world holiday,
World Freedom Day (article), on the anniversary
of the fall of the Berlin Wall:

“… the time has come for President Bush and the Congress to celebrate the end of the
cold war as we celebrate other historic days in American and even world history. Which
day should we select as the day of celebration?... On November 9, 1989 a hated symbol
of seventy years of Communist tyranny came to a squalid end. The fear of nuclear war
between the two superpowers was over. World peace seemed more assured than ever
before in modern history…Let us remember that this victory came without bloodshed,
without marching armies, without loss of life, without nuclear fallout. Unprecedented in
modern times, victor and vanquished together have acclaimed the end of the cold war.
Everybody won. Celebrating November 9 each year will be a warning to future tyrants that
tyranny, whether military as in Burma or ideological as in China and Cuba, has no future. “

A decade later, on Nov. 9, 2001, the White House under President George W. Bush
issued a proclamation calling for remembrance of
 World Freedom Day (proclamation)
on the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.
National Post (Canada)
Washington Post Obituary
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New: Oral  History
Tom Bethell (American
8 hour Oral History Interview
with Tom Bethell 1991