Life as a New York Times Coppyboy
Arnold Beichman: An Oral History

In February 2007, Janine Beichman interviewed
Arnold. During this time he talked about his early life on the
Lower East Side with his parents, attending Columbia
College (Class of 1934),  working on the New York Times
as a copyboy, and a reporting trip to Tunisia.
Arnold discusses his parents with daughter Janine
Life at Columbia College in the 1930s
A story about a reporting trip to Tunisia
A picture of Arnold's Parents Mary and
Solomon Beichman
A picture of Arnold around the time he
was City Editor at PM (early 1940s)
Learning How To Read
Talking about his Childhood
More Talk about childhood and 84th Street
Stockbridge School
Arnold on Japan
Arnold, Carroll and Janine Conversation
Arnold,Carroll and Janine Conversation 2
Arnold discusses taking Harry Van
Arsdale to Gracie Mansion during
the transit strike.